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Standing committees are established to assist with governance of the school district.  Each year, a trustee is appointed as chair of thetable.jpg business committee and of the education committee.  Committee meetings are open to the public and media. 

Meetings begin at 4:00 p.m.


Have a question?

The Board appreciates your interest in the proceedings and if you have a question regarding an agenda item, please submit your question prior to the meeting via email to: [email protected]. Please include your name and affiliation or partner group and contact information. A staff member will read your question to the Board and if your question is not answered during the meeting, a written response will be provided. 


​​​​Ap​pointments for 2022-2023
​ ​Standing Committees ​ ​Chair
​ ​Business Committee of the Whole Linda Van Alphen
​ Education Committee of the Whole ​ Barb Sheppard
Budget Advisory Committee of the Whole Tracy Van Raes

Business Committee of the Whole Meeting Schedule 2023-24


Agendas and Minutes are found below the table


​September 19, 2023
siyá? House
October 17, 2023
siyá? House
November 21, 2023
siyá? House
December 2023
- No meeting scheduled
January 23, 2024
siyá? House
February 20, 2024
siyá? House
March 2024
- No meeting scheduled
April 16, 2024
siyá? House
May 21, 2024
siyá? House
June 18, 2024
siyá? House


Business Committee of the Whole: Agendas and Minutes

Education Committee of the Whole 2023-2024 - Agendas and Minutes are found below the table


September 20, 2023
siyá? House
October 18, 2023
siyá? House
November 22, 2023
School Visit
December 2023
No meeting scheduled
January 24, 2024
siyá? House
February 21, 2024
School Visit
March 2024
No meeting scheduled
April 17, 2024
School Visit
May 22, 2024
siyá? House
June 19, 2024
siyá? House
Education Committee of the Whole:  Agendas and Minutes
                        Committee and Liaison Appointments December 2022 - November 2023
Committee ​Committee Representatives
BCSTA Provincial Council (elected positions) Trustee Clarke; Trustee Botsford (Alternate)
​B.C. Public School Employers' Association 
Representative Council (elected positions)​
Trustee Van Alphen; Trustee Van Raes (Alternate)
Indigenous Education Planning Council  Trustee Van Alphen; Trustee Sheppard (Alternate)
​Curriculum Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) Trustee Van Alphen; Trustee Botsford (Alternate)
​DPAC Representative
January - Trustee Sheppard
February - Trustee Stathers
April - Trustee Palanio
May - Trustee Botsford   
June - Trustee Van Alphen
Sept - Trustee Clarke
Oct - Trustee Van Raes 
November - Trustee Palanio
​Okanagan School of the Arts Trustee Clarke; Trustee Sheppard (Alternate)
​Okanagan College Regional Advisory Committee Trustee Sheppard, Trustee Palanio (Alternate)
Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce Trustee Van Raes; Trustee Palanio (Alternate)
Penticton Bursary and Scholarship Foundation Trustee Botsford; Trustee Palanio (Alternate)
​Pro-D Committee ​Trustee Stathers; Trustee Van Alphen (Alternate) 
​Summerland Chamber of Commerce ​Trustee Stathers; Trustee Van Alphen (Alternate)
​Summerland Child and Youth Committee ​Trustee Van Alphen; Trustee Stathers (Alternate)
​District of Summerland Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Trustee Stathers; Trustee Van Alphen (Alternate)
​District Wellness Committee ​Trustee Van Raes; Trustee Botsford(Alternate)
Downtown Neighbourhood Plan Task Force (Summerland) Trustee Stathers; Trustee Van Alphen (Alternate)