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Long-Range Facilities Plan (LRFP)

Long-Range Facilities Plan 
A Long-Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) is a framework to guide facilities planning throughout a School District.  The LRFP process allows the Board to remain focused on ensuring they are spending limited resources effectively to provide the best programs possible for our students.
The District is conducting the facility plan in order to get good information about the District's facility needs into the future, and to ensure that the facilities are appropriately aligned with student needs and both current and projected enrolment.
Background Information
School District No. 67's Long-Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) was last completed in June 2011.  The previous plan focused on addressing 10 years of enrolment decline and the associated loss of revenue that results from fewer students.  The plan showed surplus capacity at many schools and recommended school boundary reviews and decommissioning surplus space.  In 2016, after an extensive consultation process, a single school closure (McNicoll Middle School) was confirmed by the Board.
The District's circumstances have not significantly changed since the last LRFP.  The District is still experiencing enrolment decline, and this has resulted in significant cuts to operating budgets over the past few years.
Since 2001, enrolment has declined by almost 2,000 student FTE; however, the District is only operating and maintaining one less facility.
External consultants were brought into the District in the Spring of 2020 to assist the District with its budget challenges, and the recommendations from both consultants was that a full grade reconfiguration and long-term facility review be conducted in order to ensure the District is making the most efficient use of its operational resources and maximizing resources to support educational programs.
Process / Timeline
The District has engaged an external consultant to being developing the LRFP for the District.
The first presentation to the Board of Education was at the April 26 Regular Board Meeting.  The final report will be presented at a public Board Meeting in the Fall of 2021.
The District would look at engaging in consultation with the public, school communities and stakeholders to consider the recommendations.
Regular updates will be provided at upcoming Board Meetings and posted to this page for information.